Why Choose Us

Innovation is to be evolved

We Believe in Innovation is not a problem to be solved, Innovations is the mystery to be unfolded, enhanced and continued.

We are customer-obsessed. We believe in the statement of  “If you make a customer happy, they might tell 6 of their friends and they will potentially become your customer if you make a customer unhappy they each can tell 60000 friends”

What We Do

Our Featured Services

Cloud Migration assistance, Consulting, Enabling the Client team for cloud development and management. Native and hybrid applications for B2B and B2C, with rich user experience for the greater and adoption. ERP Implementations, standard and non-standard products, support, and Application management Developing & implementing IoT Solutions for domain-specific needs. Training on IoT developments and support

Cloud Migration

Capitalize the cloud disruption, Migrate your enterprise applications to the cloud for security, business continuity

Robotic Processing Automation

Automate the repeated Business processes, Application testing without human interactions, save cost and time. Let the human do the best of innovation


Revisit the existing application, Assisting/developing for you. Converting monolithic apps to microservices and containerize. change management and dev-ops automation

Resource Augmentation

Apical can augment technical teams with true specialists enabling you to quickly scale to meet new challenges without delays.


Discover hidden patterns within your data to ensure that no security vulnerability is overlooked

Big-data Analysis

Store, extract structured, unstructured data and process  interact in batch or real-time and generate analytics for deep insights

Visual Quality Control

Automated Visual inspection can overcome these problems by making the whole procedure of visual inspection independent of any human involvement. Using automated systems typically surpasses the standard of manual inspection.